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Welcome to Nord-Fron Municipality

Day Care

There are many types of day care for pre-school children in Nord-Fron Municipality, ranging from full-time services five days a week to part-time services and flexible arrangements. The municipality coordinates the selection process for placement in all private and municipal daycares, as well as the "family pre-schools", which are based in private homes.


The municipality is divided into 4 school districts ( Vinstra, Barhaug, Kvam and Skåbu) . As a resident of Nord-Fron your child has the right to attend the school in the school district in which you reside. Parents also have the right to apply for admission to any other school within the municipality, though placement is then conditional on the given school's capacity at the time. For children from 1st to 4th grades, all municipal primary schools provide an after-school activity programme for children on the school premises (called SFO in Norwegian).  More


Health care services in Nord-Fron Municipality comprise one medical centre and one public health centre as well as a range of other services such as physiotherapy, ergotherapy, rehabilitation, and psychiatry. All residents of the municipality have the right to a personal doctor. New residents of the municipality must register with Office for Personal Doctors on Tel. 810 59 500 to be assigned a personal doctor. More

Care, rehabilitation and welfare

For our elderly citizens we have a nursing home for whom home-stay is no longer possible.; Sundheim Bo- og Treningssenter, and a numbers of care homes.

We offer carers and home nursing to those who are sick and dependent on nursing while still living in their own home.

Municipal services regarding elderly people:
(Norwegian translation in paranthesis)

  • Care homes (omsorgsbolig)
  • Care payment (omsorgslønn)
  • Day centre (dagopphald)
  • Occupational therapy (ergoterapi)
  • Home care (heimehjelp, praktisk bistand i heimen)
  • Home nursing care (heimesjukepleie)
  • Meals on wheels (matombringing)
  • Nursing home - long term stay (sjukeheim-langtidsopphald)
  • Nursing home - short term stay (sjukeheim - korttidsopphald)
  • Nursing home - relief stay (sjukeheim - avlastningsopphald)
  • Physiotherapy (Fysioterapi)
  • Remote control safety alarm ( Tryggleiksalarm)
  • Technical aids - loan (Tekniske hjelpemidlar - utlån)  



Norwegian language training

For newcomers to Norway residing in Nord-Fron, Norwegian language instruction is available centrally located in Vinstra. Refugees, asylum seekers and family members of Norwegian citizens have the right to at least 300 hours of free language instruction. More information; contact Refugee-office on Tel. 61 21 62 26.

Folkeuniversitetet Innlandet, Tel 400 08330, also offers courses in other languages - English, French, Greek, Spanish, Sami and German - as well as a range of adult education programmes.

Building and renovating

If you are planning to build or renovate a house, you will require approval of your plan from Nord-Fron Municipality before you can proceed, and should therefore become familiar with the relevant municipal rules and regulations. It is recommended that you have your plan checked by an architect or engineer before you submit it to avoid wasting time in the application process. The municipality is obliged to respond to applications within a certain time period; this varies depending on the type of application. Please contact the Service Centre for further information.

Garbage collection and recycling

Regular garbage is collected from private homes and businesses once every second week. Paper and food-garbage is collected once every three weeks separated into different garbage cans. Plastic is also collected and placed in clear plastic bags,  provided by the municipality. 

Culture, sports and recreation

Nord-Fron Municipality offers a wide variety of cultural, sports and recreation possibilities. In Vinstra, at Folkets Hus, the cinema is located.  The library is located at first floor in the town hall and contains both documentary literature and fiction. Fron Culture School offers classes in music, ballet, art, and theatre to young people up to the age of 18. In Nord-Fron there are many associations, athletic clubs and organizations both for children and adults.  The beautiful scenery in Nord-Fron gives inhabitans and visitors very good and varied opportunities for outdoor life.


Social services

Social services provided by Nord-Fron Municipality include counselling, financial assistance, addiction care, refugee settlement, residential loans and job training. The municipality has one work centre for people with mental or physical handicaps. For people who are not in work or school, the municipality offers job training in wood products for sale. Special housing is available for certain groups. The municipality also manages the long-term care facilities for elderly people for whom home-stay is no longer possible.

Refugees and immigrants

Nord-Fron Municipality receives about 10 -15 refugees per year. The refugees in Nord-Fron comes from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Eritrea and Somalia.They are assisted by the municipality's "refugee consultant" during their first three years in finding accommodation, buying furniture and adjusting to life in Nord-Fron. Refugee settlement is jointly handled by Nord-Fron Municipality and the Directorate of Integration and Diversity ( IMDi).

The environment

Drinking water is of high quality in Nord-Fron Municipality, and you can safely drink tap water. The distribution and treatment of water is managed by Nord-Fron Municipality. The watering of gardens is restricted during summer.
Nord-Fron has a rich biological diversity.

Roads and traffic

Nord-Fron Municipality is responsible for 122 kilometres of roads, including bicycle paths and sidewalks. Residents are encouraged to report damage to roads or bicycle paths that can endanger traffic safety. Private contractors and contracting firms -  commissioned by the municipality - manages snow removal along roads, bicycle paths and sidewalks throughout the winter season. Summer maintenance is partly carried out by the municipality.


Moving and change of address

Formalities related to moving to Norway are handled by two national government bodies  - the Nord-Gudbrandsdal Tax Assesment Office and the Office of the National Public Registrar. At these offices, you can obtain information about the following:

•·    Moving and names

•·    Tax deduction cards     

•·    Tax returns

•·    Inheritance and gifts

•·    Value-added tax

•·    Employers' contribution (social security) 



NAV - The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation can help you to find work in Norway and in other EU/EEA countries through the EURES network. All EU/EEA citizens living in Norway can benefit from NAV services. 

Further information

For information in English about other Norwegian government services, go to www.norway.no

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